Wisbech Community Farm

Helping change lives for the better through our volunteering work at Wisbech Community Farm.

Brighter Futures for all at Wisbech Community Farm

In 2017, Wisbech Community Farm was nothing more than a muddy field with one oak tree, planted by The Duke of Gloucester. Now it is fully able to create opportunities for excluded and vulnerable people to engage, helping drive social change and supporting coordinated community action in economically marginalised and isolated communities. The charity, People and Animals uses the non-threatening support of animals and nature-based activities to overcome barriers faced, regardless of physical or learning disability, mental health challenges, age, culture, economic status or background.

Wisbech Community Farm is the first of its kind in the UK with each aspect designed and built by the community and for the community, complimenting Cambridgeshire’s Vision 2017-21 and Wisbech 2020 Vision by:

• Aiding the development of skills

• Providing alternative routes into education, training and employment

• Building community cohesion, resilience and pride

• Supporting statutory and community services

• Improving health and wellbeing

• Raising aspirations for brighter futures

@one Alliance attended the Wisbech 2020 summit on October 2017 and felt more could be done to support community projects on the ground. We met Katie Bristow from People and Animals at the event and quickly developed a collaborative relationship, with both sides dedicated to building the community farm. This was not about doing it for them but doing it with them.

We set to work by helping to provide drawings and support for the planning application for the farm. In the next eleven months @one Alliance met with People and Animals a dozen times to keep the project on track.

We worked with People and Animals to design a project plan, starting with the construction of the perimeter fencing. A team of 25 people from  @one Alliance and \Barhale provided man hours and machinery to complete this task quickly and safely. It was decided that water recycling provisions wouldn’t be supplied, instead opting for eco toilet systems.

Potable water was connected to the site however as well as power, the perimeter fencing, cabins for indoor space and hard standing for logistics and vehicles. In January 2019, the extended supply chain in @one Alliance were engaged and additional support, donations and man hours were provided, taking the number of volunteers involved up to 60. Wisbech Community Farm is now fully operational and is helping to transform the lives of isolated and marginalised adults as well as supporting children and young people.

We are very proud to say we played a significant role in getting the farm to its current position, we have worked hard, going above and beyond to help the most vulnerable part of the community in Wisbech and are delighted by the positive impact this has had.

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